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Hover Global was founded by filmmakers...for filmmakers.

Twenty plus year veteran producer Scott Stone was always called upon to provide the top tier quality shots in the cinema space. With extreme stress and pressure put upon the reliance of other companies to capture the moment, Scott decided to make the bold move... create his own technology driven "camera motion company".

Launched in 2015, Hover Global has been the one stop shop for any and all needs camera movement. With state of the art gimbal technology, giant drones the size of cars, and capabilities of reaching speeds upwards of 120mph whilst getting a crystal clear tracking shot of anything moving, Hover Global has you covered.

We like to think of camera movement as an art form, so you can only imagine how passionate we are about our state of the art technology!


From permits to the actual shot, Hover Global has your back with everything and more.


We are producers, directors, creative visionaries, licensed FAA pilots, and technical specialists.

Lets move some cameras...

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